Academy achieves Green Key Certification

We are proud to announce that the Academy has achieved the Green Key certification, acknowledging our ongoing efforts to develop an environmentally and socially responsible establishment. The team has worked tirelessly to make measurable differences and will continue to work towards a more environmentally friendly future for the tourism and hospitality industry in Northern Ireland.

“Coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), Green Key is a global voluntary eco-certification programme. With more than 4,000 certified hotels and other establishments in 60 countries, Green Key is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism and hospitality industry.  The certification process evaluates the establishments’ environmental management, energy conservation, waste management, water conservation, and other sustainable practices.”

Sustainable  travel  with the Academy

The Academy is committed to  promoting sustainable transport in line with the  formal sustainable travel plan set out by the University.  We aim to encourage our customers to travel to and from the Academy by more sustainable means.

Walking is the most sustainable way to travel. It's free, enjoyable and can help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  Top tips for walking can be found at  Home -

Cycling continues to grow in popularity and we all know the benefits; it’s cheap, great for the environment and really is good for you. The Academy is ideally located for cycling.

The Belfast Bikes scheme have a docking station at the Belfast Campus which is one of 49 docking stations located across the city centre.

The public hire bikes provide a low cost, convenient way to travel about. Register as a casual user or annual subscriber and the first 30 minutes of each trip is free!  Bike Rental in Belfast | Rent a Bike nearby (

The Academy  is also ideally placed for making use of bus or train travel

  • Translink’s metro and glider services from City Hall
  • Main bus and rail stations
  • The route of the U1 Shuttle Service (Botanic Avenue – UU – Yorkgate Station),
  • The route of the U2 Shuttle Service (Botanic Avenue – UU – Jordanstown)

To help customers find out about the travel options available, this handy travel map has been developed including information on the location of Belfast bike stations, pedestrian routes, cycling routes, train stations and bus routes

Belfast Campus Travel Map.pdf

Academy Suppliers

Jubilee Farm Community co-operative

Community Care Farming - Care farming services that  focus on human health and wellbeing - physical, mental, social and spiritual – that come from working with animals, plants, soil and other people in community.

They practice and promote care farming, community-supported agriculture (CSA), and conservation education and engagement, with people of all backgrounds and beliefs at Jubilee Farm, Northern Ireland’s first community-owned farm.

Ewing's Seafood

Ewing's have been supplying fish for over 100 years. Walter counts himself lucky to be a fishmonger in Ireland because he says, “We have the best fish and seafood in the world.” And it’s his experience and long standing relationships with the fishermen on the day boats around Portavogie and Kilkeel that give him the pick of the catch, the rich variety and that guaranteed freshness.

Lough Neagh Fishermen's Co-operative

The Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-operative has been amongst the fore runners of wild eel producers for decades and is recognised as the largest producer of wild caught eel in Europe.

All the Lough Neagh fish live wild and feed on natural substrates helping to produce some of the best quality freshwater fish in Europe.

Lough Neagh Pollan, was registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in 2018. Lough Neagh Pollan are produced, processed and prepared in Lough Neagh using traditional production methods.

Carnbrooke Meats

Carnbrooke Meats source traditional breeds directly from small farmers and their master butchers cut every order to each customers exact specification whether it’s the best Northern Irish beef, Mourne lamb or local chicken.

Picked Organic

Northern Ireland based market garden, sustainably growing real food using organic growing methods. .Picked Organic is a market garden near Belfast that grows real food using organic methods. Rather than using chemicals, bringing plastic into the process or digging up large patches of earth, Picked Organic are all about growing food in a way that’s environmentally sound.

Regenerative agriculture, plucking organic vegetables straight from the ground.

Broighter Gold

Environmentally Friendly Farm, Northern Ireland - The rapeseed is grown and produced in the beautiful countryside of Broglasco in Limavady. They have always been keen to work with the RSPB, Wildlife Societies, Bee Associations, Slow Food Movement and promote wildlife and pollinators along with farming on a daily basis. They use the mintel style of farming, as they don't plough the land.  This means that the soil bed is basically left untouched, with just a small seed being inserted into the ground,

Ballylisk of Armagh

Ballylisk cheese is part of a food chain which begins and ends in Ballylisk. The grass is eaten by the cows. Their milk makes the cheese.

Mike's Fancy Cheese

Mike's Fancy Cheese is proud to be creating a new tradition of raw milk cheesemaking in Northern Ireland. This includes the famous Young Buck.

The Works Coffee Roasters

Works Coffee Roasters believe in buying the best quality green coffee beans and paying a fair price in return. They source high quality coffees, that are ethical, traceable and sustainable.  
Works like to opt for farms who deploy good agro-ecological methods  and aim to work with farmers who invest in their local communities health, education and where the workers get paid a decent price for their crops.

Whitewater Brewing

Established 1996 on the fifth-generation family farm amidst the spectacular Mourne Mountain range in the north of Ireland, Whitewater Brewery still retains the passion and desire to brew beers with fantastic flavours.

Irish Restaurant Awards 2023 Ulster Regional winners
'Best Sustainable Practices'

At the Academy Restaurant we believe that economic growth and the wellbeing of society are inextricably linked to the health of the environment recognising our ethical, economic, socio-cultural and governance commitments.

We embrace our responsibility for environmental leadership, and we are committed to integrating environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy. We want our initiatives and strategies to positively impact the guest experience

The Academy is committed to using the best possible ingredients and embracing the role of champion of Northern Irish culinary culture.

We strive to use ingredients that are sourced locally, on the basis of quality, flavour, freshness and seasonality, from suppliers who are committed to environmental sustainability and to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Academy supports local artisans for the supply of produce including dairy, cured meats, preserves, coffee, chocolate and alcohol. As well as showcasing high quality produce, from dedicated and skilled craftspeople, this ethos supports the local economy and food eco-system.

Academy Environmental Sustainability

Ulster University seek to embed a culture of sustainable thinking and action across the institution.

Sustainability at Ulster University - Sustainability at Ulster University

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