30 Apr 2024 , 7:00PM

Academy Restaurant

£75 with Wine | £55 without

About this event

Marc Millon is the author of fourteen books on wine, food and travel. His latest is Italy in a Wineglass: The Taste of History. He is a certified Italian wine ambassador and host of the hugely successful weekly podcast, Wine, Food & Travel with Marc Millon. A Patron of the Oxford Cultural Collective, alongside renowned figures including Ken Hom, Madhur Jaffrey, Michael Caines and Jessica Harris, he considers himself an educator and regularly hosts gastronomic tours to Italy and France.

Italy: the Taste of History is a Culinary Salon Dinner with Marc Millon, author of Italy in a Wineglass – the Taste of History, a book that tells the story of Italy through its wines. This special menu brings together foods and a carefully curated selection of wines from across Italy, north to south, and also takes diners across eras, linking ancient Rome to the Venetian Republic, Risorgimento to the renaissance of Italian wine, and the complex history of Sicily encapsulated in a single, crunchy bite, accompanied by a wine made by a method of production unchanged over the past 2,500 years.

Academy Culinary Salon with Marc Millon


Franciacorta sparkling (Made in Italy)


Sicilian fava bean soup, fennel

Fiano di Avellino (Slaking the thirst of an empire)

Sfogi or sgombro in saor

Venetian marinated, pan fried sole or mackerel, sweet vinegar, onions

Ribolla Gialla (Merchants of Venice)

Brasato al Barolo, polenta morbida

Braised beef, Barolo wine

Barolo (Risorgimento and Unification)


Sicilian pastry cylinder, ricotta

Passito di Pantelleria (Across Wine-dark Seas

Tea or coffee

£75 with Wine | £55 Without

From Marc Millon: “The story of Italy has been entwined, since its earliest days, with the story wine. Throughout centuries and millennia, it has been a celebratory libation at great Italian event; it has lubricated moments of triumph and offered solace in times of despair; and it has been a constant feature of quotidian life for tyrants, emperors, kings, popes, Holy Roman emperors, aristocrats, nobles, abbots and monks, as well as for the common man and woman. In short, wine has been and continues to be an essential element of Italian civilisation. It seems an obvious and enjoyable pursuit, then, to explore the story of Italy through its wines, naturally with a glass in hand."